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Always shampoo from the back of the head and down. A simple cloth with water will clean your doodle’s face. At any rate, lathering your Goldendoodle’s coat and leaving the shampoo on your Goldendoodle for at least five minutes before rinsing will also help remove fleas. Ticks are another matter. You will need to use alcohol to soak a tick and then use tweezers to carefully and gently remove a tick. Simple shampoo will not “control” fleas or ticks, but they certainly will help remove them as you are bathing your Goldendoodle.

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We've included goldendoodle before and after grooming pictures as well as pictures and descriptions of different doodle hairdos and tips on grooming your own doodle.

We are always learning and striving to do better.

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""This is an exceptional dog.

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